Making of

In 1959, American director Ed Wood shot the science fiction film PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE. Since then, the movie is considered to be the worst movie of all times and Ed Wood is said to be the worst director of the history of film.

“It’s time to change that!“ thought scriptwriter and director ANDREAS AUINGER.

So he set out to making a film capable of breaking this Methuselah-like record.

He got down to work in what turned out to be a one-man-show – Auinger also took care of the set, lighting, camera and sound, as well as of the production, editing and visual effects – with a budget of exactly zero euro.
“Bad movies always have a poor picture quality, so we decided to shoot with the video system MiniDV.“ Auinger also made sure in all other areas that everything was designed as trashy as possible: the set is a cross-section of bad taste with a special emphasis on the 70s; the technology is hopelessly antiquated, both in front of and behind the camera (the movie shows a cassette recorder, toy guns and, believe it or not, someone even sends a telegram!); the style is trash at its finest: wobbling polystyrene scenery and cheap visual effects that wouldn’t fool even a child.

Embellished with countless film quotes, parodies, tributes and pastiches, the ultimate Hollywood blockbuster piss-take was born.